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Food Safety Logs 

Food Safety Training

Food Safety Resources

Foodborne Illness Complaints

AAA to ensure providers are aware of the prompt handling and referral of a suspected foodborne illness disease outbreak. 

  1. Assist the individual(s) in obtaining medical treatment.

  2. If available, label any refrigerate suspected food items until appropriate health authorities are contacted.

  3. Provider should notify the AAA of the suspected disease outbreak.

  4. Procedures should include which personnel (either AAA or provider) will be responsible for reporting the incident to SCDHEC.  
    Link to SCDHEC Online Complaint Portal 
    SCDHEC Telephone line for Foodborne Illness Complaints: 803-896-0640, between 8:30 am and 5:00 pm Monday-Friday

  5. Privacy and security policies and protocols are to be in place to effectively protect and secure identifiable and personal health information.


Change in Meal Site Operations - Appendix H (.pdf)

Nutrient Analysis Checklist/Template – Attachment H (.doc)

Meal Pattern Checklist/Template – Attachment I (.doc)

AAA Monitoring Tool III-C (.doc)

Provider Monitoring Tool III-C (.doc)

Site Monitoring Tool III-C (.doc)

Minimum Meal Specifications (.pdf)

Registered Dietitian Nutrionists Resources

Dietitian Licensee Lookup - South Carolina

Dietitian Licensee Lookup - All States

Find a Nutrition Expert Search Tool


SCDOA Nutrition Education Guide - Revised July 2022 (.pdf)

SCDOA Nutrition Education Report - Group Dining (.pdf)

SCDOA Nutrition Education Report - Home Delivered Meals (.pdf)

SCDOA Nutrition Education Evaluation Form (.pdf)


SCDOA Restaurant Partnership Guide

Restaurant Partnership Proposal


Voluntary Contributions Guide - Nutrition and Aging Resource Center


Evidenced-Based Health Promotion and Disease Prevention - Area Agencies