A lot of data is gathered throughout the aging network. Below are some key data captured about clients in the aging network.


The Administration on Aging requests the yearly National Aging Program Information Systems (NAPIS) report, summarizing how the Title III funds were used. Many of the concepts in the Older Americans Act are defined in this document. The appendix of the NAPIS report contains definitions relevant to the program.

Census Data

It is important to know the makeup of the population one is trying to serve. The decennial census data provides a baseline for comparison. The county census data and region census data are both available and broken out by target groups.

Client Contacts

The Aging and Disability Resource Centers are there to assist seniors and adults with disabilities in finding helpful resources in South Carolina. These conversations are called contacts and are tracked in a client management system.

Clients Provided Services

There are many programs for seniors in the state. The Older Americans Act provides funds for some of them under Title III, as does the state.

The following are data available to the public on clients who have received these services.

Year over year comparison of demographics for clients who received services by fiscal year (July to June).