Online trainings are available for members of the aging network. These courses are designed to be short and focused, often only a few minutes long. They can be taken at any time, but an account is required in order to gain access to the system.

To get a training account, e-mail with:

  • First and Last Name
  • E-mail address
  • Agency or Provider Name
  • Module(s) to be accessed - AIM, SHIP, Policy

Trainings Available


The AIM Manual handed out at February's training is available.  Since it is large, it has been broken into chapters for easier downloading and viewing.

 The subsection for running the MUSR available as a small 100K pdf.

The Family Caregiver Support Program Definitions specifying what constitutes a unit, including descriptions, is available.

If you have any issues with AIM itself, work through your AAA.  Use the AIMHelp request template (small Word document) to assist in addressing issues.

  • Signing into AIM for new users
  • Searching for a client
  • Assessment - Overview
  • Assessment - Mechanics in AIM [Pending]
  • Assessment - Family Caregiver Specifics [Pending]
  • Assessment - Field explanations document (also here as a small 100K pdf - Assessment Field Explanations (A001-S02)).
  • Assessment - National Nutritional Scoring Tool (also here as a small 100K pdf - National Nutritional Scoring Tool).
  • New - AAA Budget Entry
  • Entering authorizations [Pending]
  • Entering service units - standard [Pending]
  • Entering service units - barcode [Pending]
  • Deleting service units [Pending]
  • Reports - Reading the LG97c [Pending]
  • Reports - MUSR and how it works [Pending]
  • New - MUSR and PRF Reconciliation Process




  • New - Affordable Care Act in 4 sessions
  • New - How to request a SHIP ID


  •  State Waiver Request Form Training

More trainings will be available as the courses are built.