SCDOA Staff Contact List

SC Department on Aging Staff Contact List

Name Service Area Phone (803)
Munn, Connie Agency Director 734-9900
Alexander, Valeria Receptionist 734-9900
Anderson, Tori Dementia Care Specialist 545-4277
Andrews, Jenny Lifespan Respite and Alzheimer's Grants Program Manager 734-9867
Bailey, Christopher IT Services Specialist 734-9944
Bailey, Jalawnda Information and Referral/Assistance Specialist - Outreach Coordinator 734-9874
Beard, Rene Community Support - 734-9918
Brewton, Jennifer Caregiver and Alzheimer’s Division Manager; Family Caregiver Support Program Manager 734-9868
Buell, Jane Vulnerable Adult Guardian ad Litem (VAGAL) 545-4231
Buskey, Mary Vulnerable Adult Guardian ad Litem (VAGAL) 734-9884
Carlos, Brianna Vulnerable Adult Guardian ad Litem (VAGAL) 734-0533
Christopher, Michael Public Information Director 734-9872
Cogdill, Lily Executive Coordinator 734-9875
Crosby, Lisa Grants Manager 734-9950
Deas, Victoria Vulnerable Adult Guardian ad Litem (VAGAL) 734-9900
Dickey, Spencer Resource Coordinator 545-4305
Dunning, Sarah Program Analyst - Ombudsman Training 734-9932
Dykes, Loretta Fiscal Analyst 734-9877
Ellison, Ruchelle Administrative Manager - Payroll, and Benefits 734-9883
Eskew, Sandra Ombudsman Investigator 734-9981
Fields, Mary Beth Program Manager - Title III-B Supportive Services 734-9892
Goodrich, Rowan Nutrition Specialist 734-9985
Grant, Pamela Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) - Housing 734-9893
Harper, Lauren Vulnerable Adult Guardian ad Litem (VAGAL) 734-9933
Harris, Nakeyra Data Analyst and Wellness Coordinator 734-9880
Hightower, Kay Senior Consultant Community Outreach - ElderCare Trust Fund - Geriatric Loan Forgiveness Program 734-9903
Hopkins, Pierce IT Business Information Systems 734-9935
James, Kristen Occupational Therapist 734-9939
Johnson, Megan Disabilities Specialist Coordinator 734-2088
Karas, Gabriella VAGAL Intern 734-9981
Keller, Tammy Ombudsman Investigator 734-9980
Kelly, Albertha SHIP/SMP Coordinator 734-9901
Kelly, LaWandra Administrative Coordinator - Ombudsman 734-9896
Kozemko, Shell Vulnerable Adult Guardian ad Litem (VAGAL) 734-0561
Lewis, Sheila Dementia Coordinator; ARCC 734-6029
McDonald, Gloria PRIME - Ombudsman Education and Outreach 734-9899
Parker, Debbie Administrative Coordinator - Vulnerable Adult Guardian ad Litem (VAGAL) 734-1959
Pondy, Kevin Information Technology (IT) and Data Division Director 734-9942
Price, Amber Communications Coordinator 734-9980
Roberts, John Administrative Coordinator 734-9940
Simmons, Courtney PRIME Ombudsman 734-9937
Stalzer, Brenda Division Director - Vulnerable Adult Guardian ad Litem (VAGAL) 734-9895
Strong, Crystal I-CARE - State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP) - Senior Medicare Patrol Manager 734-9889
Taylor, Libby Vulnerable Adult Guardian ad Litem (VAGAL) 734-9900
Walker, Rhonda Budgets and Grants Division Director 734-9917
Walsh, Andrew Fiscal Monitor 734-9902
Washington, Cheryl Human Resources Director 734-5186
Watson, Dale State Long Term Care Ombudsman 734-9898
Williams, Thomas Community Resources Division Director 734-9919