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For something to snack on, use a yogurt dip to compliment raw vegetables.

Learn what foods and nutrients support good vision and promote eye health.

Have you ever wondered how long those leftovers will be good? Click here to find out more about food storage tips.

Have a little fun with this puzzle that is based on the Top 5 Foods for Eye Health.

Combine two spring crops, strawberries and spinach to make a delicious dish that can do double duty as a starter for a supper meal or a main dish at lunch.

This satisfying recipe is full of flavor and packs a hefty nutritional punch.  A healthy feature is the technique of sautéing in broth rather than oil.  The greens provide antioxidant nutrients that can promote eye health and the beans provide fiber, minerals and protein to promote heart health.

Diabetes Information

Additional information about diabetes can be found on the American Diabetes Association Website at

For individuals with diabetes, eating healthy is important. One way to do this is by eating whole grains to assist in building a healthy plate. Find out more about ways to add whole grains into your diet at

Mushroom Barley Soup is a diabetic friendly food. Try the recipe

Discover how much you know about diabetes by trying this crossword puzzle.

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