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Boost your immune system by eating vegetables and fruits at each meal or snack. * Simple carbohydrates like those in fast foods, sugar sweetened soda, and sweet tea enter and leave the blood stream quickly and can make you feel tired after eating. * Regular physical activity can help lower stress, and a walk outside is free. * Choose broth based soups (like vegetable beef) over cream based soups (like cream of potato) to control fat and calories. *

Ahhh, October!  The weather is cooler and we start thinking about comfort foods.  Soup is a top comfort food and soup is an excellent food to aid hydration, help with weight control, and even reduce stress.  Constant stress takes an enormous toll on the body.  When you are stressed for long periods of time, you have higher levels of the hormone cortisol in your bloodstream, which puts you at a greater risk for heart disease, sleep problems, digestive problems, and depression.  So please read on to see some tips using diet that to help control stress.  Of course, there are healthy recipes too!

Many time when we are stressed we turn to food and overeat, which makes us feel worse.  Click here to learn non-food tips to relieve stress (small pdf).  To learn information on which types of foods to eat and which types of food to avoid to manage stress click here for How to eat right to reduce stress (small pdf).

Games and puzzles can help reduce stress.  This month we have a nutrition crossword puzzle (small pdf) and a fun little quiz on health (small pdf).

Resources for you: This month’s recipes are from the National Cancer Institute.  To view the entire book click here Down Home Healthy Cooking.

South Carolina has a reputation for good food.  This Catfish Stew recipe (small pdf) is comfort food that can help boost your immune system to lessen the effects of stress.  Enjoy this Summer and Winter Crisp (Insert Summer and Winter crisp here) for dessert.  Serve the stew over brown rice and add a low-fat coleslaw for a soothing, fall meal.

Diabetes Information

Additional information about diabetes can be found on the American Diabetes Association Website at

For individuals with diabetes, eating healthy is important. One way to do this is by eating whole grains to assist in building a healthy plate. Find out more about ways to add whole grains into your diet at

Mushroom Barley Soup is a diabetic friendly food. Try the recipe

Discover how much you know about diabetes by trying this crossword puzzle.

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