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Focusing on aging and disability related acronyms

Additional information is available on Aging Services in South Carolina.

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AAAlcoholics Anonymous
AAAArea Agency on Aging
AAFESArmy and Air Force Exchange Services
AAHSAAmerican Association of Homes & Services for the Aging
AAIDDAmerican Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
AAMDAmerican Association of Mental Deficiency (now AAIDD)
AAMRAmerican Association on Mental Retardation (formerly AAIDD)
AAPDAmerican Association of People with Disabilities
AARPAmerican Association of Retired Persons
ABAArchitectural Barriers Act or American Bar Association
ABCAdvocates for Better Child Care (SC)
ABDAged, Blind & Disabled
ABNAdvanced Beneficiary Notice
ABSAnnual Beneficiary Summary
ACActual Charge or Allowable Cost
ACBAmerican Council of the Blind
ACCHAssociation for the Care of Children's Health (under DHHS)
ACEAlternative Care for the Elderly
ACFAdministration for Children & Families (HHS)
ACLDAssociation for Children with Learning Disabilities
ACLUAmerican Civil Liberties Union
ACOAAdult Children of Alcoholics
ACPAdvanced Care Planning
ACSAmerican Cancer Society or Army Community Services
ACYFAdministration on Children, Youth and Families (DHHS)
ADAAmericans with Disabilities Act or Age Discrimination Act
ADAAGAmericans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines
ADAPTAmericans Disabled for Attendant Programs Today
ADCAid to Dependent Children (now TANF) or Adult Day Care
ADDAdministration on Developmental Disabilities (ACF, HHS)
ADHAdult Day Health
ADJAdjusted Claim
ADLActivities of Daily Living (toileting, bathing, eating, transferring, etc.)
ADMCAdvance Determination of Medicare Coverage
ADPAdvance Planning Document
ADRCAging and Disability Resource Center
ADSSPAlzheimer's Disease Supportive Services Program
ADVPAdult Developmental Vocational Program
AEAge Equivalent
AEPAnnual Coordinated Election Period
AFBAmerican Foundation for the Blind or American Federation for the Blind or Air Force Base
AFDCAid to Families with Dependent Children (now TANF in SC)
AGIAdjusted Gross Income
AHAAmerican Heart or Hospital Association
AHCAAmerican Health Care Association
AIMAdvanced Information Management (SC)
AKAAlso Known As
ALANONAlcoholics Anonymous (for family members of AA)
ALFAssisted Living Facility
ALFAAssisted Living Federation of America
ALJAdministrative Law Judge
ALOSAverage Length of Stay
ALSAdvanced Life Support
ALTAverage Length of Treatment
AMA American Medical Association
AMIAlliance for the Mentally Ill
ANAAmerican Nurses Association
ANEAbuse, Neglect and Exploitation
AoAAdministration on Aging (HHS)
APAAmerican Psychological Association or American Psychiatric Association
APDAdvanced Planning Documents
APHAmerican Printing House for the Blind
APHAAmerican Public Health Association
APSAdult Protective Services
APWAAmerican Public Welfare Association
ARCAdvocates for the Rights of Citizens with Disabilities (formerly Association of Retarded Citizens) or American Red Cross
ARCCAlzheimer’s Resource Coordination Center (SC)
ARCHAccess to Respite Care and Health
ARRAAmerican Recovery and Reinvestment Act
ASAAutism Society of America
ASLAmerican Sign Language
ATAssistive Technology
ATAAlliance for Technology Access
ATBCBArchitecture and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board
ATIAssistive Technology Initiative
ATPAssistive Technology Project (SC)
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BBABalanced Budget Act
BC/BSBlue Cross/Blue Shield
BDODBeneficiary Date of Death
BSWBachelor of Social Work
BXBase Exchange (military)
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CAChronological Age
CADComputer Assisted Drawing
CAIComputer Assisted Instruction
CAPClient Assistance Program (SC) or Community Alternatives Program or Corrective Action Plan
CAPHCitizens for the Advancement of the Physically Handicapped (SC)
CARFCommission on the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities
CASTCenter for Applied Special Technologies
CAT ScanComputerized Axial Tomography (same as CT scan)
CCFContinuing Care Facility
CCP Crippled Children’s Program (in SC, called CRS)
CCRCContinuing Care Retirement Community
CCRSChildren’s Case Resolution System (SC)
CD Consumer Directed
CDB Childhood Disability Benefit
CDBGCommunity Development Block Grant
CDCCenters for Disease Control and Prevention (HHS) or Child Development Center
CDDCenter for Developmental Disabilities (SC – same as CDR)
CDDCConsortium of Developmental Disabilities Councils
CDFChildren’s Defense Fund
CDMConsumer Directed Model
CDRContinuing Disability Review or Center for Disability Resources (SC – formerly CDD)
CDSMPChronic Disease Self Management Program
CECCouncil for Exceptional Children (Division of CEC)
CETAComprehensive Employment Training Act
CFBCommission for the Blind (SC)
CFOChief Financial Officer
CFRCode of Federal Regulations
CFSANCenter for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (FDA, HHS)
CHADDChildren and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder
CHAMPUSCivilian Health & Medical Programs of the Uniformed Services (Now Tri-Care)
CHAMPVACivilian Health & Medical Program of the Veterans Administration (Now Tri-Care)
CHIPChildren’s Health Improvement Program
CHSPRCenter for Health Services and Policy Research (SC)
CILCenters for Independent Living
CIOChief Information Officer
CIPCrisis Intervention Program
CITACenter for Information Technology Accommodations
CLPCommunity Living Program
CLTCCommunity Long Term Care (SC)
CMSCenters for Medicare and Medicaid Services (formerly HCFA) or Children’s Medical Services
CMHSCenter for Mental Health Services (SAMHSA, HHS)
CMSOCenter for Medicaid and State Options
CNACertified Nursing Assistant
COACouncil on Aging (SC)
COBRAConsolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act
COGCouncil of Governments (SC)
COLACost of Living Adjustment
CONCertificate of Need
COTACertified Occupational Therapist
CPAPContinuous Positive Airway Pressure
CPSChild Protective Services
CQIContinuous Quality Improvement
CQMRCarrier Quarterly Medical Review
CRCFCommunity Residential Care Facilities
CRDChronic Renal Disease (ESRD (preferred))
CRFChange Request Form
CRIPACivil Rights of Institutionalized Persons Act
CRSChildren’s Rehabilitative Services (SC)
CSOCommunity Service Organization
CSRSCivil Service Retirement System
CUFANClemson University Forestry and Agriculture Network (SC)
CWLA Child Welfare League of America
CYCalendar Year
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D&EDiagnosis and Evaluation
DACDisability Action Center (SC)
DAODASDepartment of Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Services (SC)
DAVDisabled American Veterans
DBTACDisability Technical Assistance Center
DDDevelopmental Disability
DDCDevelopmental Disabilities Council
DDDDisability Determination Division (Vocational Rehabilitation Dept. in SC)
DDPCDevelopmental Disabilities Planning Council
DDSNDepartment of Disabilities and Special Needs (SC – formerly DMR)
DDSNBDepartment of Disabilities and Special Needs Board (SC)
DDSTDenver Developmental Screening Tool
DECDivision for Early Childhood (Division of CEC) or Developmental Evaluation Clinic
DEERSDefense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (Military)
DEWDepartment of Employment and Workforce
DHECDepartment of Health and Environmental Control (SC)
DHHSDepartment of Health and Human Services
DJJDepartment of Juvenile Justice (SC)
DMEDurable Medical Equipment
DMEPOSDurable Medical Equipment, Prosthetics, Orthotics, and Supplies
DMERCDurable Medical Equipment Regional Carrier
DMHDepartment of Mental Health (SC)
DMRDepartment of Mental Retardation (SC – now DDSN)
DMVDepartment of Motor Vehicles (SC)
DNRDo Not Resuscitate
DOADivision of Aging
DOBDate of Birth
DOCDepartment of Commerce (U.S.) or Days of Care
DODDepartment of Defense (U.S.) or Date of Death
DOEDepartment of Education (U.S.) or Date of Entitlement
DOEHDate of Entitlement to Hospital Insurance (Medicare Part A)
DOESDate of Entitlement to Supplementary Medical Insurance
DO-ITDisabilities, Opportunities, Internetworking and Technology
DOJDepartment of Justice (U.S.)
DOLDepartment of Labor (U.S.)
DOSTDate of Suspension or Termination
DOTDepartment of Transportation (U.S.)
DOTH            Date of Termination of Hospital Insurance
DOTSDate of Termination of Supplementary Medical Insurance
DPOADurable Power of Attorney
DRACHDisability Rights Action Coalition in Housing
DSMDiagnostic & Statistical Manual
DSNDisabilities and Special Needs (SC)
DSSDepartment of Social Services (SC)
DVADepartment of Veterans Affairs (VA)
DVAAPDisabled Veterans Affirmative Action Program
DVOPDisabled Veterans Outreach Program
DVRDepartment of Vocational Rehabilitation (SC)
DWBDisabled Widow's Benefits
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EASIEqual Access to Software and Information
EBNEEligible But Not Enrolled
EBPEvidence-based Program
ECEarly Childhood
ECFExtended Care Facility
EDGAREducation Department General Administrative Regulations
EDPPEvaluation, Diagnosis and Prescriptive Program
EEOCEqual Employment Opportunity Commission
EFAEpilepsy Foundation of America or Education Finance Act
EFMPExceptional Family Member Program (Military)
EHAEducation for all Handicapped Children Act
EHDEarly Head Start
EIEarly Intervention
EIAEducation Improvement Act
EIBEmployer Insured Beneficiary
EINEmployee/Employer Identification Number
EITACEarly Intervention Technical Assistance Collaborative (SC)
EMBEligible Medicare Beneficiary
EMDEmergency Management Division (SC)
ENTEars, Nose and Throat
EOCEconomic Opportunity Commission (SC)
EOMBExecutive Office of Management & Budget
EPDEmergency Preparedness Division
EPMSEmployee Performance Management System
EPSDTEarly Periodic Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment
ERICEducational Resources Information Center
ERISAEmployee Retirement Income Security Act
ESCEmployment Security Commission (SC) – now DEW
ESEAElementary and Secondary Education Act
ESRDEnd Stage Renal Disease
ESY Extended School Year
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FAFiscal Agent
FAPEFree Appropriate Public Education or Families
FCCFederal Communications Commission (U.S.)
FCSPFamily Caregiver Support Program (Title III of OAA)
FDOEHFirst Date of Entitlement to Hospital Insurance (Part A)
FDOESFirst Date of Entitlement to Supplementary Medical Insurance (Part B)
FEMAFederal Emergency Management Agency
FERPAFamily Educational Rights and Privacy Act
FESFunctional Electrical Stimulation
FFATAFederal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act
FFPFederal Financial Participation
FGPFoster Grandparent Program
FHAFederal Housing Administration
FHAAFair Housing Amendments Act
FIFamily Independence (SC – formerly AFDC) or Fiscal Intermediary
FICAFederal Insurance Contributions Act
FMAPFederal Medical Assistance Percentage
FMSFinancial Management Service
FNSFood & Nutrition Service
FOIAFreedom of Information Act
FQHCFederally Qualified Health Centers
FRFederal Register
FSAFlexible Savings Account
FSP Family Support Plan
FUTAFederal Unemployment Tax Act
FYFiscal Year
FYEFiscal Year End or Ending
FYTDFiscal Year to Date
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GAGraduate Student
GALGuardian Ad Litem (SC)
GAOGovernment Accounting Office
GRIGrant Related Income
GSA General Services Administration
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HALHandicapped Assistance Loans (SBA)
HASCIHead and Spinal Cord Injury (SC – Division of DDSN)
HCBSHome and Community Based Services
HCBWPHome & Community Based Waiver Program
HCCBGHome and Community Care Block Grant
HCFAHealth Care Financing Administration (U.S.) (now – Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services)
HCPOAHealth Care Power of Attorney
HEWDept. of Health, Education and Welfare (now DHHS)
HHHome Health
HHAHome Health Agency
HHSHealth and Human Services
HHSCCHealth and Human Services Coordinating Council (SC)
HHSFCHealth and Human Services Finance Commission (SC)
HIPAAHealth Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
HIPPHealth Insurance Premium Program
HMOHealth Maintenance Organization
HRSAHealth Resources & Services Administration (formerly HRA and PHS)
HSHead Start
IHealth Savings Account
IHealth Service Area
HUDHousing and Urban Development
Hx History
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I & OIntake and Output
I & AInformation and Assistance
I & RInformation and Referral
I & R/AInformation, Referral and Assistance
IACInteragency Advisory Committee
IADLInstrumental Activities of Daily Living (shopping, cooking, bill paying, etc.)
I-CAREInsurance Counseling, Assistance and Referral for the Elderly
ICCInteragency Coordinating Council
ICD-9International Classification of Diseases
ICFIntermediate Care Facility
ICF-MRIntermediate Care Facility for the Mentally Retarded
ICUIntensive Care Unit
IDCInstitute on Disability Culture
IDEAIndividuals with Disabilities Education Act
IDTInterdepartmental Transfer (SC)
IEEIndependent Educational Evaluation
IEPIndividualized Education Plan
IFSPIndividualized Family Service Plan
IHEInstitutions of Higher Education
IHPIndividualized Habilitation Plan
IHSSIn-home Supportive Services
ILIndependent Living
ILCIndependent Living Center/Council
ILRUIndependent Living Research Utilization
IPPIndividualized Program Plan
IQIntelligence Quotient
IRCInteragency Resource Committee
IRFInpatient Rehabilitation Facility
IRWEImpairment Related Work Expense
ISOIntermediary Service Organization
ISPIndividualized Service Plan
ITInformation Technology
ITPIndividualized Transition Plan
IWRP Individualized Written Rehabilitation Plan
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JANJob Accommodation Network
JCAHCOJoint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations
JTPA Job Training Partnership Act
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LACLocal Advisory Committee
LBPHLibrary for the Blind and Physically Handicapped
LDALearning Disabilities Association
LEALocal or Lead Education Agency (School District)
LEAALaw Enforcement Assistance Administration
LGOALt. Governor’s Office on Aging (SC)
LIHEAPLow Income Home Energy Assistance Program
LISLow-Income Subsidy (Medicare Beneficiary)
LISWLicensed Independent Social Worker
LOCLevel of Care
LPNLicensed Practical Nurse
LRADACLexington/Richland Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission (SC)
LRDLifetime Reserve Days (Medicare Beneficiary)
LRELeast Restrictive Environment
LSPLocal Service Provider
LTCLong Term Care
LTCFLong Term Care Facility
LVERLocal Veterans Employment Representative (DEW)
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M+COMedicare + Choice Organization
MAMental Age
MAOMedical Assistance Only
MAPMedication Assistance Program
MA-PDMedicare Advantage Prescription Drug Plans
MBAMonthly Benefit Amount (SSA)
MCHMaternal and Child Health
MCIMedicare Claims Inquiry
MCOManaged Care Organization
MDSMinimal Data Set
MDTMultidisciplinary Team
MEDICAIDMedical Aid (State administered health insurance program)
MEDIGAPMedicare Gap (Medicare complementary insurance program)
MGRADMinimum Guidelines & Requirements for Accessible Design
MHMental Health
MHLPMental Health Law Project (formerly The Bazelon Center)
MIAF/MIAPMedically Indigent Assistance Fund/Program
MICHMaternal, Infant and Child Health
MICHCMaternal, Infant and Child Health Council (SC)
MIPPAMedicare Improvements for Patients and Providers Act
MISManagement Information System
MMISMedicaid Management Information System
MMOMaterials Management Office
MOAMemorandum of Agreement
MOBMatter of Balance
MOUMemorandum of Understanding
MRMental Retardation
MR/DDMental Retardation and other Developmental Disabilities
MRIMagnetic Resonance Imaging
MRRCMental Retardation Research Center
MSNMedicare Summary Notice
MSPMedicare Savings Plan
MSWMaster’s Degree in Social Work
MTFMilitary Treatment Facility
MUMSMothers United for Moral Support
MUSC Medical University of South Carolina (SC)
MWRMorale, Welfare and Recreation (military)
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N4ANational Association of Area Agencies on Aging
NANarcotics Anonymous or Not Applicable
NACHRINational Association of Children’s Hospitals and Related Institutions
NADSNational Association for Down Syndrome
NADSANational Adult Day Services Association
NAEYCNational Association for the Education of Young Children
NAGCNational Association for Gifted Children
NAHCNational Association for Home Care
NAMINational Alliance for the Mentally Ill
NAPISNational Aging Program Information System
NAPVINational Association for Parents of Visually Impaired
NARFNational Association of Rehabilitation Facilities
NARICNational Rehabilitation Information Center
NASLTCOPNational Association of Long Term Care Ombudsman Program
NASMDNational Association of State Medicaid Directors
NASOPNational Association of State Ombudsman Programs
NASUANational Association of State Units on Aging
NASUANational Association of State Units on Aging (now NASUAD)
NASUADNational Association of States United for Aging and Disabilities
NAVHNational Association for Visually Handicapped
NCALNational Coalition for Assisted Living
NCAMNational Center for Accessible Media
NCCANational Center for Child Advocacy
NCCANNational Center on Child Abuse and Neglect
NCCNHRNational Citizen’s Coalition for Nursing Home Reform
NCDNational Council on Disabilities
NCDRRNational Center for Disability Dissemination Research
NCHSNational Center for Health Statistics
NCILNational Council on Independent Living
NCIPNational Center to Improve Practice
NCNHRNational Coalition on Nursing Home Reform
NCOANational Council on Aging
NCSCNational Council (or Center) of Senior Citizens
NDSCNational Down Syndrome Congress
NDSSNational Down Syndrome Society
NDTNeurodevelopmental Treatment
NEANational Education Association
NEC*TASNational Early Childhood Technical Assistance Systems
NFNursing Facility
NFBNational Federation of the Blind
NGANotification of Grant Award
NHONational Hospice Organization
NIANational Institute on Aging
NICCYDNational Information Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities
NICHCYNational Information Center for Handicapped Children and Youth (now NICCYD)
NICUNeonatal Intensive Care Unit
NIDRRNational Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (US Dept. of Educ.)
NIHNational Institutes of Health
NIINational Institute of Immunology
NILPNational Institute on Life Planning
NLENational Library of Education
NLSNational Library Services for the Blind and Physically Handicapped
NLTNational Leadership Team
NOANotice of Award
NODNational Organization on Disabilities
NORDNational Organization for Rare Disorders
NPNurse Practitioner
NPINNational Parent Information Network
NPNDNational Parent Network on Disabilities
NPONothing by Mouth
NPPISNational Parent to Parent Support and Information Systems, Inc.
NRHANational Rural Health Association
NRICNational Rehabilitation Information Center
NRTNorm Referenced Test
NSCLCNational Senior Citizens Law Center
NSIPNutrition Services Incentive Program
NTIA National Telecommunications and Information Administration
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O & MOrientation and Mobility
OAAOlder Americans Act
OASBOld Age & Survivors Benefits
OASDHIOld Age, Survivors, Disability & Health Insurance
OASDIOld Age, Survivors & Disability Insurance
OASIOld Age & Survivors Insurance
OBRAOmnibus Budget Reconciliation Act
OCROffice of Civil Rights (U.S. Department of Education)
OCWIOptional Coverage for Women, Infants and Children
ODOffice on Disability (U.S.)
OEFOperation Enduring Freedom (war in Afghanistan)
OFCCPOffice of Federal Contract Compliance Programs
OHCDSOrganized Health Care Delivery Systems
OHDSOffice of Human Development Services (U.S.)
OIFOperation Iraqi Freedom
OMBOffice of Management and Budget (U.S.)
OMB & BSOffice of Medicaid Eligibility and Beneficiary Services
OMRDDOffice of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities
OOAOffice on Aging (SC)
OPECOffice of Programs for Exceptional Children (SC Dept. of Education)
OPHOffice of Programs for the Handicapped (SC Dept. of Education – now OPEC)
ORHPOffice of Rural Health Policy (HRSA)
ORSIOffice of Retirement & Survivors Insurance
OSEPOffice of Special Education Programs (U.S. Dept. of Education)
OSERSOffice of Special Education and Rehabilitation Services (U.S. Dept. of Educ.)
OSHAOccupational Safety and Health Administration
OSSOptional State Supplement
OTOccupational Therapy
OWL Older Women’s League
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P & AProtection and Advocacy System for Individuals with Disabilities
PACEProgram of All-Inclusive for the Elderly
PANDPublic Access Network Directory
PASPersonal Assistance Services
PASARRPre-Admission Screen/Annual Resident Review
PASSPlan for Achieving Self Support
PCAPersonal Care Aid
PCEPDPresident’s Committee on the Employment of People with Disabilities
PCPPerson Centered Planning
PDPosition Description
PDRPrescriptive Drug Reference or Physician's Desk Reference
PEPhysical Education
PEPParent Educator Partnership
PERSPersonal Emergency Response System
PHACPreschool Handicapped Advisory Committee
PHCPartners for Healthy Children
PHNPublic Health Nurse
PHRMAPharmaceutical Manufacturers and Researchers of America
PIAPrograms for Individuals with Autism
PINPersonal Identification Number
PIPPermanent Improvement Program (SC)
PLPublic Law
PL105-15Individuals with Disabilities Education Act of 1997 (formerly PL101-476)
PL105-476Individuals with Disabilities Education Act of 1990
PL94-142Education of Handicapped Children’s Act of 1975 (now PL 101-476)
PL99-457Education of the Handicapped Amendment of 1986 (now PL101-476)
PM & RPhysical Medicine and Rehabilitation
PNAPersonal Needs Allowance
POPurchase Order
PPOPreferred Provider Organization
PRNPro Re Nata (Latin for “as the situation demands”)
PRTParks, Recreation and Tourism (SC)
PSAPublic Service Announcement
PSOProvider Sponsored Organization
PTPhysical Therapy
PTI Parent Training and Information Center
PXPost Exchange (military)
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Q&AQuestions & Answers
QAQuality Assurance
QMB Qualified Medicare Beneficiary
QWDIQualified Working Disabled Individual
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RAACRegional Aging Advisory Committee
RAPRelatives as Parents
RCRehabilitation Councils
RCFResidential Care Facility
RCPResidential Care Program
RDRegistered Dietician
RFBRecordings for the Blind
RFIRequest for Information
RFPRequest for Proposal
RNRegistered Nurse
ROMRange of Motion
RRCRegional Resource Center
RSARehabilitation Services Administration (U.S. Dept. of Educ.)
RSDIRetirement, Survivors, & Disability Insurance
RSVPRetired Senior Volunteer Program
RTRecreational Therapist
RTARegional Transit Authority
Rx Prescription
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SAMHSASubstance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration
SARTSemi-Annual Report Tool
SBASpina Bifida Association or Small Business Administration
SBEState Board of Education
SC4ASC Association of Area Agencies on Aging
SCABASouth Carolina Association for Blind Athletes
SCACADSC Association of Council on Aging Directors
SCADSouth Carolina Association for the Deaf
SCANSuspected Child Abuse and Neglect
SCATPSC Assistive Technology Program
SCCBSouth Carolina Commission for the Blind
SCDDCSouth Carolina Developmental Disabilities Council
SCDDSNSouth Carolina Department of Disabilities and Special Needs
SCDEWSouth Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce (formerly Employment Security Commission – ESC)
SCDHECSouth Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control
SCDHHSSouth Carolina Department of Health and Human Services
SCDMHSouth Carolina Department of Mental Health
SCDSNBSouth Carolina Department of Disabilities and Special Needs Board
SCDSSSouth Carolina Department of Social Services
SCDVRSouth Carolina Department of Vocational Rehabilitation
SCFOASouth Carolina Federation for Older Americans
SCILCSouth Carolina Independent Living Council
SCPSenior Companion Program
SCP & ASouth Carolina Protection and Advocacy
SCSDBSouth Carolina School for the Deaf and the Blind
SCSEPSenior Community Service Employment Program (Title V)
SCEISSouth Carolina Enterprise Information System
SDStandard Deviation
SDEState Department of Education (SC)
SEAState Education Agency or Act
SEPService Entry Point or Single Entry Point
SESSocioeconomic Status
SGASubstantial Gainful Employment
SHHHSelf Help for Hard of Hearing
SHHSFCState Health and Human Services Finance Commission
SHIPState Health Insurance Program (what SC calls I-CARE)
SISensory Integration
SIBSelf Injurious Behavior
SILCStatewide Independent Living Council
SLMBSpecified Low Income Medicare Beneficiary
SLPSpeech Language Pathologist
SLTSpeech Language Therapist
SMPSenior Medicare Patrol (Medicare Fraud)
SNSpecial Needs
SNFSkilled Nursing Facility
SOBRASixth Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act
SOPState Operated Program or Standard Operating Procedure
SPESingle Point of Entry
SPEDSpecial Education or Special Education Teacher
SSSocial Security
SSASocial Security Administration or Social Security Act
SSBGSocial Services Block Grant
SSDISocial Security Disability Income
SSGSummer School of Gerontology (SC)
SSISupplemental Security Income
SSNSocial Security Number
SSPState Supplemental Payment
STSpeech Therapy
SUAState Unit on Aging
SUTAState Unemployment Taxes
SW Social Worker
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TATechnical Assistance
TAACTelecommunications Access Advisory Committee
TANFTemporary Assistance for Needy Families
TASHThe Association for the Severely Handicapped
TCTotal Communication
TCMTargeted Case Management
TDDTelecommunications Device for the Deaf
TDPTransportation Development Plan
Tech ActTechnology Related Assistance for Individuals with Disabilities Act
TEDPTelecommunication Equipment Distribution Program (SC)
TEFRATax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act
TIIAPTelecommunications and Information Infrastructure Assistance Program
TIRRThe Institute for Rehabilitation and Research
Title IIIOAA Grants for State and Community Programs on Aging (funds for supportive and nutrition services, fam­ily caregiver support, and disease prevention and health pro­motion activities)
Title III-BOAA - Funds for support services such as in-home and other community supportive services
Title III-C-1 OAA - Funds for congregate nutrition services for older adults
Title III-C-2OAA - Funds for Home-Delivered nutrition services for older adults
Title III-DOAA - Funds for health, wellness and disease prevention services
Title III-EOAA - Funds for Family Caregiver Support Program
Title IVOAA – Research, Training and Demonstration grants
Title VOAA - Senior Community Service Employment Program
Title VIOAA - Native American Programs
Title VIIOAA – Vulnerable Elder Rights Protection (Ombudsman, Legal Assistance)
Title XIXMedicaid Home and Community Based Waiver Services for the Elderly
Title XVIIIMedicare – Health Insurance for the Aged and Disabled – Social Security Administers
Title XXSSBG (Social Services Block Grants) Social Security Administers
TJTCTargeted Job Tax Credit
TPRTermination of Parental Rights
TRICAREMilitary Health Benefits Program
TTText Telephone
TTYText Teletype (for the Deaf)
TWWIIATicket to Work and Work Incentives Improvement Act
Tx Treatment
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UAFUniversity Affiliated Facility (same as UAP)
UAPUniversity Affiliated Programs (formerly UAF)
UCEUniversity Centers for Excellence (formerly UAP’s)
UCPUnited Cerebral Palsy Association
UFASUniform Federal Accessibility Standards
USABAUnited States Association for Blind Athletes
USCUniversity of South Carolina
USDAUnited States Department of Agriculture
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VAVeteran’s Administration
VAMCVA Medical Center
VDHCBSVeteran’s Directed Home and Community Based Services
VEVocational Education
VFAVeteran’s Families of America
VFWVeteran’s of Foreign Wars
VISNVeterans Integrated Service Network
VNAVisiting Nurses Association
VRVocational Rehabilitation
VSVital Signs
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W3CWorld Wide Web Consortium
WAIWeb Access Initiative
WAIS-RWeschler Adult Intelligence Scale - Revised
Waivers1915 (c) waiver - Medicaid home and community-based services waivers
WHCOAWhite House Conference on Aging
WICWomen, Infants and Children
WIDWorld Institute on Disability
WIIAWork Incentives Improvement Act
WISC-RWeschler Intelligence Scale for Children - Revised
WSWaivered Services
WSHPIWilliam S. Hall Psychiatric Institute (SC)
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YTDYear To Date

  • 1301 Gervais Street, Suite 350, Columbia, SC 29201
  • Local: (803) 734-9900
  • Toll Free: 1-800-868-9095