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NAME TELE # Service Area
Kester, Tony 734-9910

Aging Director

Bailey, Jalawnda 734-9900 Front Desk
Beard, Rene 734-9918 Community Support Program Manager
Capers, LaChandra 734-9868 I-Care Coordinator
Davenport, Courtney 734-9901 I & R/A Coordinator 
Dickinson, Gerry 734-9867 Policy & Research Manager
Ellison, Ruchelle 734-9883 Fiscal Program Manager
Eskew, Sandra 734-9981 Ombudsman Investigator
Ford, Elizabeth 734-9902 Family Caregiver Advocate Program Manager
Grant, Pamela 734-9893 Housing, Senior Employment, Emergency Rental Assistance
Hightower, Paula 734-9944 Information Resources
Jones, Sherhonda 734-9937 I-Care Coordinator
Keller, Tammy 734-9980 Ombudsman Investigator
Kelly, LaWandra 734-9896 Ombudsman Administrative Coordinator
Newman, Jordan 734-0533 I & R/A Program Coordinator
Pondy, Kevin 734-9942 Information Technology Manager
Rivers, Denise 734-9939 Team Leader, Division for Community Living, Grant Manager for SC DOT, Chronic Disease Self-Management, ElderCare Trust, Geriatric Loan Forgiveness
Roberts, Courtney 734-9901 I & R/A Coordinator
Roberts, John 734-9940 Program Coordinator
Shavo, Katherine 734-6029 Nutrition Specialist
Shealy, Boyd 734-9880 HR Manager
Stroman, Susan 734-9875 Ombudsman Investigator
Strong, Crystal 734-9889 I-CARE Coordinator, SMP Coordinator
Turner, Sonya 734-9932 Ombudsman Investigator
Valentin, Angie 734-9985 Ombudsman Investigator
Van Cleave, Jennifer 734-9933 Program Assistant for Disabilities and Nutrition
Watson, Dale 734-9898 State Long Term Care Ombudsman
Wingfield, Paula 734-9877 Fiscal Analyst
Wolf, Anne 734-9919 Community Resources Program Manager
Zavoras, Catherine 734-9983 Volunteer Ombudsman Coordinator
Fax Area 1 734-9886 Finance
Fax Area 2 734-9887 Main
Fax Area 3 734-9988 Ombudsman
  • 1301 Gervais Street, Suite 350, Columbia, SC 29201
  • Local: (803) 734-9900
  • Toll Free: 1-800-868-9095